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About Us

pcsupport.jpgHi, my name is Alan Pritchard (proprietor of PcFix). I have been involved in the I.T. industry for more than 25 years. My first computer was a Commodore 64, bought in 1982. In the 90's I owned and managed ENI Technology Ltd, based in London Rd, Leigh-on-sea. One of the first & certainly one of the leading computer shop/centre in Essex, specialising in pc hardware, sales, support, repairs, upgrades & bespoke software applications. Over the years we successfully designed, wrote, implemented & maintained various systems for & on behalf of many large companies including Railtrack, British Aerospace, Thomas Cook, Airtours, The Axa Insurance Group & many local businesses including Francis Charsley Ltd, Woolaston Engineering Ltd, Chemtech Ltd & Rippleside Metalworks to name just a few.


Over the years I have gained a vast knowledge & first hand experience in  all types of computer hardware & software including IBM PC's & Compatibles, IBM AS400, Mainframes, Unix/Linux, Novell Netware, MsDos, All versions of MsWindows upto & including all the lastest versions of Windows 8.1, PDA's, Mobile Oses including Palms, Symbian & WindowsMobile & of course last but not least the humble home Personal Computer.

Our Business Philosophy

bgpic_2.jpgThe Goal of PCFix is to simply to provide a Local, Friendly, Helpful, Personal, Professional, Easily Accessible & Reliable service with Fast Response to the local Individual, Family or Small Business computer user, who simply wants to be able to get some quick help with their PC difficulties, over the phone (without headaches & without having to wait hours for technical support) or may be just have someone pop round and fix their PC at a reasonable cost.


Our Business Philosophy Continued.......

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Why provided this type of service?


That's a good question; well because while being in semi retirement for the last couple of years, it has been bought to my attention on many occasions (by family members & many of my friends needing PC help) that there is nobody local offering this type of entry level service at a reasonable cost! Yes we all know you can visit your local PCworld computer store etc, stand in the queue for ages with your pc under your arm, explain to reception your problems, leave your PC, collect it days or sometime weeks later & hope it has been correctly repaired without loss of data etc!!! Is this the type of service you really want? Somehow I doubt it! I believe most people do want to learn about their PC and at least try to understand why their PC went wrong in the first place & to be advised what they can do to endeavour to stop or reduce the chances the situation occurring again in the future & how to protect their data etc, in simple to understand English, if possible. I'm not talking about computer boffins or computer enthusiasts who may find this a little elementary; I'm talking about the average family who just want to use their computer hassle free for the simple general tasks in life like surfing the internet, email, photo & music collections etc.

How do we provide this type of service at low cost?


By ensuring that we keep our running & overhead cost's to an absolute minimum i.e.

  • No costly advertising other than this website, unless it's free listings etc.
  • No business premises (working from mobile workshop - home office).
  • No fancy new vehicles.
  • No bank overdrafts.
  • No credit accounts (payment terms cash on completion).
  • No unnecessary staff.
  • etc, etc.

www.pcfix.me.uk - 24 Perry Rd - Benfleet - Essex - SS75DJ - Tel: 07948 817888 - Email: info@pcfix.me.uk